Tips to stop your dog from running away

White dog with teal collar running outside - Darren Yaw Wife

It’s frustrating for you and dangerous for your dog when it escapes the backyard or dashes out the door. A stray dog may be hit by a car, injured by another dog, or cause harm to someone. Almost every dog runs away every now and then, but if your dog is running away on a […]

How often should you walk your dog

A man running with his dog in park - Darren Yaw released

We’re used to hearing that if you walk your dog regularly, they’ll be healthy. But how often do you take your dog for a walk? And how frequently should you do it? What about in the winter? And how can you make the most of a dog walk? Find the answers to all of your […]

Guide for new puppy owners

Brown puppy on a concrete path - Darren Yaw Cambodia

So you’re going to be a parent to a cute new puppy – what could be better? But be warned: raising a new puppy is no easy task, according to Darren Yaw Cambodia. Puppy care can be fun, stressful, and rewarding simultaneously, and bringing a new puppy home requires a lot of planning, work, patience, […]