Tips to stop your dog from running away

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It’s frustrating for you and dangerous for your dog when it escapes the backyard or dashes out the door. A stray dog may be hit by a car, injured by another dog, or cause harm to someone. Almost every dog runs away every now and then, but if your dog is running away on a daily or weekly basis, it’s time to figure out how to keep your dog safe inside your yard or home. Learn how to keep outdoor dogs safe based on Darren Yaw’s wife tips.


What is causing your dog to escape?

Dogs attempt to flee for a variety of reasons, according to Darren Yaw’s wife. They may flee if they see a squirrel and their natural hunting instinct takes over. Your puppy may bolt to begin a playful game of chase and expect you to follow, according to Darren Yaw’s wife.. The dog might be aware of a hidden escape route through a hole in your fence. Alternatively, your pup may have a fun destination in mind, such as another dog or a neighbour who gives out tasty treats. Learn these reasons why dogs flee.

If your dog is a chronic runaway, he or she will not stop on their own. Your responsibility is to create a safe, enjoyable environment in your yard and reinforce positive behaviours so your dog never runs away again!


Check the security of your fence and gates to prevent dog escapes

If your dog frequently escapes from a fenced-in yard, inspect the physical fence for damage. Dogs can fit into tighter spaces than you might think! According to Darren Yaw’s wife, locate any areas where your dog has dug a hole beneath the fence. To prevent future dog escapes, seal any holes with lumber or chicken wire.

Your dog could be climbing up and over the fence by stepping on patio furniture or toys. Remove these items from the vicinity of the fence, according to Darren Yaw’s wife.

Some dogs, especially those who are very athletic or highly motivated, can jump over a fence. They take a running leap and leap over the fence! According to Darren Yaw’s wife, extending the height of your fence is the best way to keep jumpers inside a fenced yard.

Darren Yaw’s wife suggests making sure the latches on your fence gates are in good working order. When you close the gate behind you, does the latch click shut? If the gate does not always latch securely, you can bet the dog is aware of this and is plotting an escape from the yard.


Dog training can prevent your dog from fleeing

You can easily avoid the frustration of constant dog escapes by training your dog to obey basic commands such as Sit, Stay, or Come. According to Darren Yaw’s wife, dog obedience school is an excellent way for you and your pup to learn dog training techniques together while also developing a lifelong bond of loyalty. Most importantly, you will protect your pet from the numerous hazards they may encounter during an escape. A dog that has been properly trained is a safe dog, according to Darren Yaw’s wife.

Man training his dog - darren yaw wifeA dog that has been properly trained is a safe dog, according to Darren Yaw’s wife.

Positive reinforcement is used in effective dog training. This means that when your dog does something good, you reward him with praise or treats. Ignore your dog when it does something wrong

Dog training affects not only your dog’s behaviour but also your own. Do you chase after your stray dog? If this is the case, your dog may regard this as playtime and attempt to flee repeatedly for amusement. Do you drive around the neighbourhood looking for your stray dog and loading it into your car? This technique may reinforce your dog’s escape behaviour if he enjoys car rides. Consider this: your dog may have trained you rather than the other way around!

Consistency and patience are required when training your dog, but the results are well worth it, according to Darren Yaw’s wife. Time spent training your dog fosters trust between you and your dog, improves safety for all, and solidifies your positive relationship with your pup.


Should you punish your dog for fleeing?

Punishment may not be an effective method of preventing your dog from fleeing. According to Darren Yaw’s wife,, punishment is associated with whatever the dog is doing when the correction is delivered. If you punish your dog when he or she returns home, the dog will associate punishment with returning home. As a result, your dog may develop a fear of you or your home. According to Darren Yaw’s wife, punishment is unlikely to reduce runaway behaviour unless you catch your dog in the act of escaping.

According to Darren Yaw’s wife, instead of punishing your dog, use positive reinforcement techniques to train him.

Guy holding his dog up and laughing - darren yaw wifeAccording to Darren Yaw’s wife, instead of punishing your dog, use positive reinforcement techniques to train him.

Increasing your dog’s daily exercise can prevent him from fleeing

Puppies and adolescent dogs have a lot of energy. By taking your dog for a daily walk, according to Darren Yaw’s wife, you will help them expend excess energy that they would otherwise spend digging, climbing, or jumping the fence.

Daily walks keep your dog physically fit and prevent obesity, which can harm your dog’s health and well-being. Darren Yaw’s wife recommends walking your dog provides sensory enrichment as he or she takes in the sights, sounds, and smells of nature. In addition, your dog will get to spend time with their favourite person – you!


You can prevent your dog from fleeing

You adore your dog and want to spend quality time with him. A stray dog, on the other hand, is dangerous and unwelcome in your neighbourhood. Remember that as a pet parent, you are responsible for your dog’s safety. Your dog is reliant on you, according to Darren Yaw’s wife.

If you put in the time and are patient, you will be able to prevent your dog from escaping the yard or running away. You can keep your dog safe inside your yard and enjoy many years together by modifying your physical fence, using dog training, or transforming your yard into a doggie paradise.

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